Jan Folný

Author of books:

Od sebe / k sobě (Push/Pull), Buzíčci (Little Queers), Víkend v Londýně (A Weekend in London), also in Serbian as Vikend u Londonu and award-winning latest novel Hotel Royal.


Jan Folný (1977) is a Czech novelist and short-story writer.

Originally worked as a teacher of Czech and Russian languages, however, after professional “burnout”, he moved to the UK and Ireland, where he currently lives and works.

His debut work as a writer was Od sebe/k sobě / Push/Pull (LePress, Praha 2010), a novel about a Czech expat living, working and finding himself in Ireland.

His collection of connected short stories Buzíčci / Little Queers (Host, Brno 2013) was very well received by both critics and readers. In this book Folný presents the highs and lows in the lives of Prague homosexuals in a unique way.

In 2018 Folný published Víkend v Londýně / A Weekend in London (Host, Brno 2018), a novel about how there may no longer be time to do everything in life. A story of three Czech friends turning forty and spending a remarkable weekend in the English capital.

His most recent work is the novel Hotel Royal (Euromedia, Praha 2022). In this book Folný invites readers for an exciting and rather disturbing show round of a fictional luxurious London hotel through interconnected stories of hotel employees and hotel guests.

Folný´s story Invisible Man was translated to Bulgarian and Ukrainian. His novel Weekend in London has been published in Serbia (Vikend u Londonu, Ammonite, Beograd 2020).

In September 2022, his book Hotel Royal was awarded the Czech Literary Award from Reflex magazine.